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Its role is to visually stimulate the users to break off the web surfer routine and process the information on the website in a brand-new light. Negative space (space that is devoid of any elements) drives the attention towards elements outweighing the rest through visual force concentrated on them. Informational sites provide audiences with information about a particular topic, such as healthcare or personal finance.

When a user clicks on an image, they not only see it in greater detail but with more aspects of your work on that particular project. If you want to start a business or learn web development, knowing what’s possible when it comes to the type of website you can create is useful. If you find yourself unable to make a decision or lack confidence in the right direction, try putting the options in front of some users and get their reactions. Don’t just ask them which they prefer, also ask them whether they spotted critical content or understood what the company was about.

Use personal website templates to build in Webflow

While the website design is simple (one main page, with about and contact sections) this is, at the same time, one of the most innovative website designs on this list. The Gucci Beauty Foundation is a subdomain of Gucci’s website dedicated to their popular foundation product. The page offers a quiz game, interactive shades palettes, and short video tutorials to discover its uses in an entertaining way. In a competitive industry like business or finance, having interactive experiences on your website allows you to stand out from the crowd and keep your users engaged. Animus Studios is a video agency committed to making the work with their clients fun and organized. They do so by creating original video content that is focused on storytelling.

  • I love the display of photos connected to the Instagram page in a four-column layout, with a CTA button directing viewers to that page.
  • Designers have started using data highlights at the center of their website style to make a point about their product.
  • However, numerous platforms, such as Squarespace or Wix, make it simple for everyone to efficiently and simply establish a portfolio site.
  • Now that we’ve reviewed the kinds of websites that are out there, you hopefully have a better idea of where your future site falls and what conventions you can adopt.

The “customize” option is an example of how you can make your eCommerce website more interactive for visitors. Celebrating the museum’s best art collections and exhibitions, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts website is the Webby Awards winner of the best school website in 2020. If you want to simply share useful information without too many distractions or fancy animations, a simple and clean web design like this is the best choice for you. Codex Atlanticus by The Visual Agency (in collaboration with the Biblioteca Ambrosiana) is the Webby Awards 2020 winner of the best data visualization award. On this website, users can explore a collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s writings and drawings.

Encourage browsing with a single column

You might also want to consider applying the rule of thirds to your website layout. It suggests dividing an image into a grid of nine equal parts by drawing two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines, resulting in four intersecting points. It encourages designers to place key elements of interest along these lines or at the points of intersection. The idea is that by doing so, the composition becomes more visually appealing and balanced, as it avoids placing the subject or important elements directly in the center of the frame. With so many types of web design available, it’s challenging to know which type is best for your business.
Different Types of Website Design
Portfolio sites fall into the same vein as business websites, but with the additional of work samples, making them perfect for visual-based companies like design agencies or photographers. They have the same purpose as business websites—to inform the visitors and attract new business—but generally feature real-life samples of work so prospective clients know what to expect. Moreover, the more products you offer, the more complicated navigation becomes. Not only do you need to find a layout to best display your products, but also it’s recommended to include filtering or category tags to help visitors find what they’re looking for.

Landing page website

Keeping in mind that your layout forms the base of your website style and the overall user experience. It is equally important to have appealing website styles that check all factors and sum up for a great user experience. That tells you the scope of why business owners dedicate ample resources to building their websites.

The website is making it clear there are two sides to their business – design and development. This rich and interactive presentational experience tells the stories of 30 engaged species. As you can see, full-screen layouts are at their best when accompanied by powerful imagery. That makes them a great Web Design Trends choice for websites rich in photography, illustrations, or video. If a single column layout seems a little restrictive, but you still have a lot of content to communicate, consider adopting a design that focuses on the content. In this post, we went over just five of the most popular types of websites.
Different Types of Website Design
Another common type of website layout is the single-column site, popular on most social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for facilitating browsing over long periods of time. If you don’t like one piece of content, just keep scrolling to the next one! It’s such a simple mechanism, but works wonders by entertaining people for hours. The site aggregates social news and content – and provides its users with a place to submit content such as text posts, images, links, and videos, which other users can vote on.

It is a convenient way to make your website look different without the headaches of some of the other choices. For example, the modeling agency 62 Management uses a split-screen to encourage users to identify whether they are looking for a male or female model. Unfortunately beyond these limited number of applications, there is little reason to adopt a split-screen design. It is a relatively limiting layout option, and there are simply not that many scenarios where it is appropriate.