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With some of the most complex relationship and reporting needs in the industry, family offices often struggle with finding the right software to support multi-generational investing structures. Allvue’s family office accounting software and investment management software offer a flexible, customized solution to support families of any size or structure. In fact, Allvue provides accounting, monitoring and reporting solutions to some of the world’s most prominent families. Our family office technology was  featured in Forbes’ roundup of 2020 Family Office Software providers. CORYX iO is a German-based investment management platform which covers all bankable and non-bankable assets for single and multi family offices, asset and wealth managers, funds, foundations and banks. Through individualisation, risk monitoring, accounting and automated corporate actions, the platform provides a comprehensive evaluation.

  • Developed in the USA, Diligend offers streamlined due diligence and monitoring processes across all asset classes through digitization and automation.
  • Eton Solutions offers a variety of services and products that expand your administrative capabilities, improve your access to current data about your assets and net worth, and let you choose the level of investment, advisory, and tax support you need.
  • Most family offices have never had to buy solutions and because of that, so they rely on the vendor to lead and provide relevant information about what their product can and can’t do.
  • Covering all kinds of asset classes, markets and currencies, Canopy allows family offices to submit their data, with the platform doing the rest.
  • High-net-worth families have an inherent complexity stemming from their unique blueprint of legal entities, ownership structures, tax considerations and investment strategies.

One outcome of the research is standardised categories that help family offices to get a better understanding of what providers offer and what their limitations are. Family office accounting software built to completely support the back office, combining detailed financial statement reporting, a true general ledger, cash management and workflow standards. That said, family offices also want this software to be easy to use and not require any extensive training or onboarding initiatives, putting the pressure on service providers to refine anything they develop before launching. SEI Family Office Services offers a variety of outsourced services to help family offices build efficiency in their back-office operations.

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The Eton Solutions AtlasFive™ software platform and optional supplemental services enable MFOs to efficiently execute transactional services and at lower costs thereby increasing profitability. The bottom line is, regardless of what is needed – whether it’s the entire accounting function or a granular task – there is a service provider with a genius solution. ‘Work with a provider you trust that has proven experience in the family office space,’ adds Sage Intacct’s Ben Collins. ‘Domain expertise is a ‘need-to-have’.’ For family offices truly looking to future-proof themselves, joining the accounting provider revolution is the undisputed first step to doing so.

With headquarters in Cyprus and offices in the UAE, 8topuz is a trading software solution that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer automated and audited investment solutions. We’re quickly building an ecosystem of related technology partnerships, enabling our clients to easily connect their existing data sources to LemonEdge. The first step in aligning values and investments is understanding clearly what you own, how you own it and how it’s performing.

  • Designed to deliver comprehensive insight into your client’s total net worth, the Archway Platform allows family offices to track traditional holdings like equity, bonds and cash as well as hedge funds, private equity and personal assets.
  • But, they’re not alone in this industry, and there is an incredible landscape of providers shifting this space, each in their own way.
  • Most solutions choose to carve out their niche by providing their own unique take on what a product should look like and that could create confusion or solutions that are difficult to compare to others.
  • This year the following providers stood out within the core functions of family office software products – Consolidaiton & Aggregation, Day-to-day Management, Reporting.
  • Start simplifying your back-office operations and delivering the right information to your end-clients through effective and accurate reporting straight out of the Archway Platform.

[+] been more pressing and possible to find and implement the right solutions in the private wealth sector. Options for locally deployed family office servers, or private cloud infrastructure, or ‘safes’ for multi-offices. Allvue’s industry-leading solutions can help your business break down barriers to information, clear a how to get backlinks like an seo pro path to success, and reach new heights in alternative investments. Building on the research work done by Simple, here is a short list of providers grouped by their HQ region even though many offer multi-regional services. The Archway Platform unifies comprehensive accounting and investment detail within a single platform.

Single Family Offices

We’ll help you understand how our solutions can relieve some of that pain, describe how other firms like yours are partnering with us today, answer your preliminary questions and let you know what it will take to get started. Being able to integrate your accounting with other tools like investment bill payments and payroll, … [+] investment management reporting, and expense management, can significantly minimise manual workload and save time. This year the following providers stood out within the core functions of family office software products – Consolidaiton & Aggregation, Day-to-day Management, Reporting.

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If sophisticated attribution-level performance reporting analysis is also required it is likely a specialist system would be needed in addition. Support for the full family office structure, including hierarchical relationships, with real time transactional processing and full look-through. 73% of providers reported that clients want feature updates, with some of the commonalities being mobile apps, enhanced dashboards and API updates. This tied in with the number of firms in the process of expanding their service offering and updating their existing platforms to increase functionality, which was at 76%. Streamline your family office’s bill payment and expense management functions using built-in check writing, ACH and wire payment methods, comprehensive expense reporting and sophisticated bill payment approval structures. The Archway Platform’s easy-to-use reporting tools deliver actionable insights into your family office’s financial data.

In addition to the usual standard data security capabilities, the LemonEdge data ‘safes’ concept guarantees the complete isolation of datasets across the clients of multi-family-office services providers. Automate data flow to and from LemonEdge with any other system or data source with our comprehensive encrypted API toolkit. Avoiding the re-keying of data creates an efficient, effective, automated single source of truth across your data model for complex multi-generational family office operations. In this three-minute demo, Solutions Engineer Sean Houser shows how Allvue can help simplify fund accounting processes. See how you can manage fund and investor allocations in a single solution and automate transactions that occur over the lifecycle of a fund.

High performance, user-friendly, integrated portal available for family members or advisors. Create greater transparency by centralizing the family office’s financial information in a single place. While finding ways to incorporate AI may be a shared objective, there were three areas that came up most frequently with regards to demands from family office clients. Heralded as significant as the internet itself, generative AI and particularly OpenAI’s ChatGPT immediately put every single software provider in a position where they’d be judged on how quickly and effectively they’d adopt this new technology. The Archway Platform features intuitive budgeting and cash flow forecasting tools to create multiple budgets and cash flow estimates at the entity, account, sub-account or individual level. Through purpose-built tools, family office accountants can systematically close, update and revert the books across all entities or a subset of entities.

Archway Platform

We do it by providing one integrated accounting system that continuously consolidates multiple and global entities, streamlines planning cycles, and improves business intelligence with greater visibility. Improve your family office performance with the cloud-based financial accounting software that’s #1 in customer satisfaction. Based in the USA, Addepar is a wealth management platform that infuses complex financial information with transparency. By connecting data, technology and people, it facilitates informed decisions through actionable insights and tailored reporting allows multi-generational family offices to achieve their objectives. This Swiss, all-in-one Wealth & Asset Management solution offers an integrated data aggregation, CRM, accounting, amongst other services and including 100+ custodian automatic feeds for multi-asset, consolidated reporting. WIZE by TeamWork focuses on providing an intuitive user experience, rich and performing functionalities, and a transparent pricing model.

The company is also particularly well-versed in dealing with family offices thanks to their specialised accounting and bill payment software solutions. Meanwhile, Plumb leads the way in outsourced accounting solutions and software services – removing the headache entirely for family offices. As within other spheres of the family office space, there are a number of niche products revolutionising specific operations, such as providers specialising in ESG data, cryptocurrency management and even real estate asset management, as covered previously. In Simple’s latest family office software and technology review, it’s easy to see the trajectory of this landscape.

Comprehensive Reporting

73% noted the demand from family office clients for better integrations within their existing product suite. Highly awarded and trusted by hundreds of wealthy families, SEI’s Archway Platform has a history of leading the way in wealth management technology. Based on a core general ledger, the Archway Platform automatically creates the underlying journal entries behind complex back-office operations including investment activity, cash management and treasury functions, bill payment and partnership tracking. Tailor a custom multi-currency chart of accounts across entities that aligns with your internal family office operations and reporting.

Bespoke reporting in minutes

Another aspect explored in the review is data storage, security and control and how the laws surrounding this critical area differ between countries. Belgium’s Trusted Family platform serves global family businesses with a single, secure and centralized governance platform, enabling directors, shareholders and family members to connect anytime, anywhere. Founded by two next-generation entrepreneurs from European business families, the company leverages a decade of industry expertise. Switzerland-based Tindeco lets clients design and implement rule-based investment strategies flexibly to create performance, hedge and allocate risks and manage workflows.

These reports provide both management and family members with a deeper insight into the comparative performance of the investments the family office has made. Reporting is great, however if a product includes a General Ledger (GL) which forms the cornerstone of the accounting function then all transactions can be captured at the time of aggregation, making for improved and more accurate data management. Performativ Performativ is a SaaS front-to-back wealth management system offering powerful performance and risk analytics on an entire portfolio. The software is built with the latest tech allowing fast and real-time analysis, including quick and pain-free onboarding. USA-based Private Wealth Systems provides the digital infrastructure that powers modern family offices across the world.