WomenStrong International supports women-driven organizations around the world that address one or more of the following issues: Girls’ Education and Empowerment, Women’s Health, Violence Against Women and Girls, and Economic Opportunity. Naomi Walston, our Director of Development ([email protected]), works with WomenStrong’s trusted network of partners and advisors to identify potential grantees. Unsolicited proposals are not accepted.


WomenStrong’s grantmaking focuses on three core areas: piloting new or adapted initiatives; replicating effective programs; and sharing knowledge of what works and what does not.


WomenStrong is interested in funding innovative initiatives that test new program models in our thematic areas. We look for projects that aim to pilot a compelling new approach, service, or product.

Funding pilots can be considered a high-risk approach. That said, WomenStrong is investing in organizations with an entrepreneurial spirit that need support to validate or advance their early-stage, non-traditional ideas for tackling the greatest challenges facing women and girls in extreme urban poverty. We want to fund programs where a small investment will have a large impact.

Organizations seeking funding for their pilot ideas must provide documentation of their accomplishments to-date, as well as evidence regarding the potential impact of their intended pilot and how the pilot is appropriate and timely within their individual context.


WomenStrong will support solutions that show potential for replication, whether in other locales or with new partners or audiences. Our aim is to help position promising interventions well on the path towards achieving scale.

Organizations wishing for a replication grant must be able to provide substantial evidence of the effectiveness of their current programming and demonstrate the specific program’s potential for impact in the intended additional setting.


WomenStrong understands that one of the greatest challenges faced by grassroots organizations is finding the opportunity to share their work with a wider audience. We, therefore, promote partnerships and collaborative efforts among our members through our own knowledge-sharing initiatives.

We provide financial support enabling members to present at our WomenStrong Learning Lab convenings and to share their solutions and impact with wider audiences, whether by connecting to new partners or research institutions or participating in national or international events.

On occasion, we also may fund others to share their expertise by speaking at Lab events and/or providing mentorship in their areas of expertise.


WomenStrong grantees are found across the globe.

About WomenStrong International

WomenStrong International finds, funds, strengthens, and shares women-driven solutions that will transform lives in urban communities. Our partners start by listening to women, who know best what they need in order to thrive. Then we bring these organizations together into a Learning Lab, to develop, test, sharpen, and disseminate their solutions. Through our collective learning and sharing, WomenStrong is building a global community of organizations better equipped to advance the rights and wellbeing of women and girls. Learn More