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However, running an effective remote meeting can look a lot different than an in-person meeting. For starters, remote meetings typically have participants joining from different parts of the country, or even across the globe. A lack of physical closeness can also change the dynamics of a remote meeting and as a result, it may take more work to increase engagement. Audio and videoconferencing are the core of remote team meetings.
how to run a successful remote meeting
Virtual meetings offer a time-efficient alternative to in-person meetings as team members or clients can quickly join the session — no need to get dressed up or do a long commute. This gives people some breathing room when they’re jumping from one meeting to the next. Virtual meetings — even impromptu ones sparked by fears of a contagion — can be run more effectively, using basic meeting best practices and easy-to-use, inexpensive technology.

Remote Meetings: How to Book a Meeting & Run It

Minimize presentation length, use an icebreaker to get everyone talking, assign a facilitator, call on participants, and capture real-time feedback via polling systems to make sure all voices are heard. And remember to do a practice run while you’re still together. A small investment in preparedness now could have a huge impact if that time comes. However, running a successful remote team meeting can be challenging. Different time zones, communication gaps, and technical issues are the greatest problems in virtual meetings. Darren Chait, who is COO and cofounder of San Francisco-based Hugo, a connected meeting notes platform, stresses the importance of sharing an agenda with participants ahead of a video conference.

Although we’re not big fans of them, it’s important to use every tool to reinforce interpersonal relationships when people may be feeling isolated. Also, it’s important to know if a participant may have a close friend or relative fighting the virus, so some type of “check in” is in order. Video conferences are more effective when people can see each other’s facial expressions and body language. Ask individuals to sit close to their webcam to help to recreate the intimacy of an in-person meeting.

Templates to Keep Things Productive During Remote Meetings

Social loafing increases the more anonymous one feels, akin to hiding in a crowd, and can increase during remote meetings due to the virtual barrier between team members. Using video, along with inviting as few people as possible, helps counter that sense of anonymity. Basic video conferencing platforms are perfect for smaller team meetings and can either be set up in advance or initiated on the fly. Two common types of tools used for remote team communication are conferencing technology and meeting management tools. Luckily, technology has more than caught up with the growth of online meetings. So, there are now numerous tools that you can use to make the process easier.
how to run a successful remote meeting
These drawbacks make it difficult to identify a time that suits every participant. However, you can leverage some tactics to schedule remote team meetings appropriately for employees how to run a effective remote meeting in different time zones. Whether your team is full of remote pros or newbies to the world of videoconferencing, these tips can help you conduct a successful remote meeting.

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If there is one thing you should do right now, it’s to examine your meeting culture, and your assumptions about what good looks like. A good rule of thumb is that if the in-person meeting is terrible, the remote version of the same will be exponentially more so. This means that, in a remote working environment, the way you run meetings becomes crucial to the productivity and cohesion of the team.

  • Prior to the conversation, set clear objectives, and send a pre-read if appropriate.
  • It can be as simple as starting a Skype conversation with one or more people, or as complicated as scheduling a video conference call with numerous dispersed speakers.
  • One of MURAL’s go-to verbal cattle prongs is ELMO, an acronym for enough, let’s move on.
  • Remote meetings are essential to remote team collaboration.
  • If not, you can choose something closer to the time they gave you.

While remote meetings have the obvious benefit of allowing people to connect from anywhere, they also come with unique challenges. Fortunately, these difficulties can be overcome if you know how to prepare for them. To make your next remote meeting a success, try these 13 strategies from the members of Forbes Coaches Council. Meeting management tools might involve cloud-based storage of notes, a digital whiteboard, or a mind map to capture notes in real-time. Perhaps your remote meeting may require Kanban boards to illustrate project progress or even a simple Word document. How you manage your meeting is equally as important as what platform you use to host it.
how to run a successful remote meeting
For example, yesterday, we had the all-hands meeting, where we had literally 250 people on Zoom and, you know, it was struggling. So at some point we ended up all turning off our videos because it was just insane,” he said. So take the tips below and expect to personalize and change them according to what you and your team need.