Join The WomenStrong Learning Lab

Since WomenStrong began in 2015, we have seen our founding members learn from each other as they adapt and improve their programs.

Our WomenStrong Learning Lab builds on this experience, bringing together women-led organizations working in urban areas to strengthen their work related to the wellbeing and empowerment of women and girls – and develop, test, sharpen, and amplify their solutions more broadly.

Members can engage in our Learning Lab online and in person through webinars, roundtables, workshops, and retreats. Our website will serve as a home for tools and resources, discussions, and other Lab activities. Activities are organized around four areas of learning that WomenStrong has identified as essential to the vitality and empowerment of women and girls: Girls’ Education & Empowerment, Women’s Health, Violence against Women and Girls, and Economic Opportunity.


Learning Lab membership is open to current WomenStrong grantees.

In addition, we invite others to participate in the exchange of ideas, sharing of resources, and other Learning Lab activities. We are looking for interested organizations in any geographic region working with urban women and girls, and for individuals working with NGOs, educational institutions, local and national governments, and donor organizations.

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Organizations meeting WomenStrong’s requirements may be invited to apply for a grant to pilot, replicate, or share their solutions. Those receiving grants will be afforded additional opportunities to share knowledge and build organizational capacity. To learn more about grants, please click here.

About WomenStrong International

WomenStrong International finds, funds, strengthens, and shares women-driven solutions that will transform lives in urban communities. Our partners start by listening to women, who know best what they need in order to thrive. Then we bring these organizations together into a Learning Lab, to develop, test, sharpen, and disseminate their solutions. Through our collective learning and sharing, WomenStrong is building a global community of organizations better equipped to advance the rights and wellbeing of women and girls. Learn More