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Daring to Dream of a World Without Violence

In a time where violence has tragically become a “normal” part of life for too many girls and women, who dares to envision a different world? And what approaches are working to get us there?

WomenStrong Voices at the Women and Girls Summit Africa

Read daily updates from the Women and Girls Africa Summit, the largest gathering of governments, donors, advocates, and other leaders dedicated to ensuring that African women and girls can realize their full potential.

A Mother’s Day Letter, from a Doula

A blog from the perspective of Sevonna Brown of Black Women's Blueprint about the trauma experienced by women giving birth during the COVID pandemic.

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WomenStrong International is a global community of organizations working with women and girls to end extreme urban poverty. We start and end by listening to urban women and girls, who know best what they need, in order to thrive. WomenStrong finds, funds, nurtures, and shares women-driven solutions that can transform lives. Learn More