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Global Women’s News: What We’re Reading in April

Global Women’s News: What We’re Reading in April

Look around you. There are courageous women everywhere — in your family, among your neighbors and friends. We call these remarkable women

WomenStrongWarriors, and in April we read stories from across the globe highlighting admirable women who are speaking out bravely against sexual violence, saving lives with a combination of steely nerves and a gentle touch, and defending the defenseless in the battle for equal rights. We even enjoyed a speculative piece on why women in the Boston marathon showed greater courage and persistence than men.

Viola Davis On The Lifelong Impact Sexual Violence Has On Women

Huffington Post
Actress Viola Davis recently spoke at the 9th Annual Women in the World Summit about the severe impact sexual assault can have on a woman’s life. From suicidal thoughts and addiction issues to body dysmorphia and rage, Davis said of female inmates, “You could go into any prison in this country and, I guarantee you, you could trace it all back to sexual assault.”

The story of the pilot who calmly landed the Southwest Airlines flight

On Tuesday, April 17, Capt. Tammie Jo Shults safely landed Southwest flight

1380 after one of the plane’s engines exploded, spraying shrapnel into the cabin. According to one passenger, Shults, a former fighter pilot with the U.S. Navy, had “nerves of steel” as she safely landed the plane on the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport. A true


The lone female prosecutor in Kandahar risks her life daily fighting for women’s rights

Women in the World
Because of cultural traditions, it’s very difficult for Afghan women to speak with men when they have been assaulted. That’s why someone like Zainab Fayez, the first and only female prosecutor in Kandahar, was desperately needed in this conservative area of Afghanistan. In the past two years, she’s already fought over 50 cases related to violence against women, resulting in 21 men being put behind bars.

Why Men Quit and Women Don’t

The New York Times
This year’s Boston Marathon, one of the most grueling in recent memory, with its horizontal rain and freezing temperatures, wasn’t just a tale of some of the worst weather in decades. It was also an example of women’s ability to persevere in exceptionally miserable circumstances. But why?

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