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Social Capital Credits Star in a large Kenyan slum: Mme. Margaret Mariga Boyani

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Social Capital Credits Star in a large Kenyan slum: Mme. Margaret Mariga Boyani

A member of the ‘Unique Movement’ Group Savings and Loan since its inception in December 2013, Mme. Margaret Mariga Boyani began using Social Capital Credits (SoCCs) in May 2015, as soon as her ‘Unique Movement’ group was selected to pilot the SoCCs concept in the Gesoko area of Manyatta informal settlement, in Kisumu City.

Born in 1973, Margaret moved into Gesoko at age 11. Since that time, she has watched the area become ever more polluted, as Kenyans’ use of plastic bags really took hold.

Mme. Boyani was an early adopter of the Social Capital Credits concept, with one ulterior motive: to see the area restored to its earlier beauty, as when she was young. As an enthusiastic participant in all Unique Movement group community clean-ups, she has earned the highest number of individual Social Capital Credits, or “i-SoCCs,” and, in the process, has earned the highest number of community Social Capital Credits, or “Comm-SoCCs,” for Unique Movement as a whole. Learn more about AVFP’s and WomenStrong’s Social Capital Credits program in Manyatta .

Mme. Boyani is a busy lady: an attentive mother of four, she has not only excelled at earning SoCCs by picking up trash and plastic bags in her neighborhood, she also runs a small business selling cereals to her fellow Gesoko residents.

You go, Margaret! WomenStrong International, Alice Visionary and your sister Unique Movement group members are behind you, 1,000 percent!

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