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With a gorgeous library featuring photos of trans and non-binary models, The Gender Spectrum by VICE promotes better representation in stock photography. Pexels is another go-to for designers, with a bounty stocks stock photo of brilliant visuals — including video clips. Pexels delivers consistently high-quality images thanks to a user-friendly ranking system that encourages photographers to upload only their best work.

While it’s relatively new, Picjumbo is growing in popularity, with millions of downloads and counting. It also has a premium service that offers thousands of exclusive photos. There are also over 200,000 royalty-free illustrations for designers and illustrators to use freely, too. Most recently, Pixabay moved into the sound space and now offers hundreds of free sound effects and music. Unsplash also provides a popular API that developers leverage to add quality photo searching to their apps and tools. For example, design tools, such as Figma and Sketch, have an Unsplash browser built-in.

Death to Stock Photo

Nappy specializes in “beautiful photos of Black and Brown people.” Here you’ll see Black and Brown people living their lives — at home, at work, and everywhere else. The last time that photographic conceit worked was in 1998, when Alanis Morrisette released the “Thank U” video. It featured her peacefully standing nude in the middle of the street as the rest of the world zipped by in a blur. Sometime in the last ten years, the universal symbol for happiness became jumping. Whether in magazines, catalogs, billboards, or websites, jumping people are everywhere. The secret of Kaboompics’ success is working in the sophisticated intricacies of photography.

  • The concept of uniquity implies a much narrower availability.
  • In addition, Picjumbo offers a paid premium level, as well as an individual jumbo pack with more than 4,000 photos you can download at once to help you build up your own library of visuals.
  • The site also provides an easy-to-use API for websites and apps.
  • Like many other free stock photo sites, Pixabay includes “sponsored” options in search results that link out to assets for sale on iStock.
  • But you can also save on bulk purchases by buying credit packs, which let you download more images at lower rates.
  • And every one of them is classified as having no known copyright restrictions.

You can even use your smartphone lens if you don’t have a professional one. Another great way to take unique photos is to use unusual tools. There are many lenses and lens filters that can change the way your photos look. Many unique photos feature everyday items in unusual settings. In the picture above, the girl is surrounded by flowers and is bathing in milk. The unusual use of these objects makes the picture look fantasy-themed and unique.

Shoot from Different Angles to Photograph Your Subject from a Refreshing Point of View

Here, you’ll find ten new ways to approach old scenarios visually. Spend less time searching and more time connecting with top talent. Currently, the Flickr Commons image bank is supplied by dozens of libraries, museums, universities, and government institutions across several countries.

You’ll look at everyday items from a completely different point of view. Your photos will look boring if you approach your subject the same way every time. For example, if you’re photographing a person, you can focus on their outstretched hand or a lock of hair. When we take photos, we tend to focus on our main subject and blur out everything else.

Enter the World of Unique Stock Photos – You’ll Love It!

Organized by category, the site’s images are high quality and easy to find. The founders of Startup Stock created the site in 2014, starting with just a few photos of their friends and family. Today, the site attracts thousands of visitors, especially bloggers, freelancers, designers, and content marketers. Created in 2013, Picjumbo has a vast collection of images submitted by photographers and travelers, and all are high resolution, great quality, and totally free. Hundreds of new options are uploaded daily, so there’s always fresh material.

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Pixabay has over 2.6 million high-quality images and videos free for personal and commercial purposes. The site is easy to use and has quality filters to help you find what you’re looking for. And there are options for all budgets — premium stock photos are more affordable than you might imagine. Nappy’s creators wanted a collection of photos that helped businesses be intentional about cultural representation in their imagery. So, although current, relatable and professional, these images are kind of alike.

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If you’re looking for stock videos as well as photos, check out these stock photo websites that also include royalty-free video footage. Vecteezy is one of the most popular platforms for designers, marketers, and freelancers, but even major brands are known to use it on occasion. With millions of hand-selected, high-quality photos, vectors, videos, and illustrations, it’s easy to understand why. With over 300 million licensed images, Shutterstock is the market giant when it comes to paid stock photos. In addition to photographs, you can purchase vectors, editorial pieces, sound effects, music, 3D models, backgrounds, and other creative assets.

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But choosing the wrong ones can get you or your business into trouble, so it’s worth a quick look at the different licenses and what they mean. The site’s photos were all acquired from private collections. If you stumble upon a rare image that’s too small or overprocessed, Vintage Stock Photos can help you re-scan and remaster it. Best premium resource for unique photo assets, worry-free licensing, and affordability.