From a good education and a safe place to live to quality healthcare and economic opportunity, women and girls must meet 6 Essential Needs to succeed. Our work, determined by local women and girls, provides resources to help meet these needs.


As a women’s rights organization, WomenStrong International identifies shelter for women and children as an essential need for women’s empowerment and for helping impoverished women lift themselves out of extreme urban poverty.

Field Resources for Shelter

  • Peepoo

    "A personal, single-use, self-sanitizing, fully biodegradable toilet" now in use in 10 countries that makes it possible to relieve oneself indoors while transforming human waste into fertilizer.

    Source: Peepoople AB

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  • Recultivating the Garden City of Kumasi

    Thoughtful design proposals reconfiguring a marginalized, low-income Kumasi neighborhood as “an integrated, productive community,” featuring innovations applicable to other slum communities worldwide.

    Source: Urban Design Lab, with The Millennium Cities Initiative and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

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  • Mission Manyatta

    An illustrated do-it-yourself manual for urban community upgrading, with specific instructions for the construction of modular housing, streetlights and micro-systems enabling household water filtration and market waste-to-energy production.

    Source: Urban Design Lab, with The Millennium Cities Initiative

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