From a good education and a safe place to live to quality healthcare and economic opportunity, women and girls must meet 6 Essential Needs to succeed. Our work, determined by local women and girls, provides resources to help meet these needs.

Urban Environment

A safe urban environment is an essential need for women’s success and for ending urban poverty. WomenStrong’s programs work to increase access to safe and affordable water, food, sanitation, waste disposal, energy, transport, and clean air to contribute to women’s economic empowerment.

Field Resources for Urban Environment

  • Spread the Love: Share our #CitiesForWomen Infographic [pdf]

    This infographic highlights the challenges millions of women and girls face every day around the world because of urban infrastructure that does not take into account women’s needs.

    Source: WomenStrong International

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  • Empowered Entrepreneur Training Handbook [pdf]

    This curriculum helps facilitators plan and initiate a specific training to empower women micro-entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales agents in the household energy sector. The 6 day focuses on leadership, business skills and ongoing training to support women for entrepreneurs.

    Source: Global Alliance For Clean Cookstoves

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  • Curitiba: Designing a Sustainable City

    An object lesson in leadership and the potential for reinvention, when a visionary mayor, in partnership with communities, the private and non-profit sectors, transformed a city ravaged by unchecked development, traffic, pollution, asphalt and lack of opportunity into a green, child-friendly city with a rapid-transit system that carries more passengers per day than New York.

    Source: Environment and Ecology

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