WomenStrong International

WomenStrong International is a consortium of non-profit organizations in five nations supporting women-led solutions to urban poverty.
  • Women's Leadership Forum: #BeBoldForChange

    This month, the world celebrated International Women’s Day with the theme #BeBoldForChange, in honor of the countless bold women who’ve pushed for social justice and progress. Over the next five weeks, WomenStrong will feature the profiles of the bold women who lead our programs around the world. Join us in honoring these brave women!

  • Abenaa Akuamoa-Boateng

  • Rose-Maire Chierici

  • Beldina Opiyo

  • Lynda Brown

6 Essential Needs

From a good education and a safe place to live to quality healthcare and economic opportunity, women and girls must meet 6 Essential Needs to succeed. Our work, determined by local women and girls, provides resources to help meet these needs.

What Women and Girls Can Achieve

We believe in the power of groups, that by pulling together women are stronger and can do far more, faster than they can alone. The path out of poverty can be found by making women strong.

  • The cost of violence against women and girls amounts to at least 5% of global GDP.

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    Violence, or the threat of violence, blocks a woman’s ability to overcome poverty.

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    Every year of education delays marriage for girls and lowers their risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth.

    Educated women have fewer children, and these children are more likely to survive and go to school.

  • Every year a girl goes to school can increase her future income by 10%.

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    When women earn more they are more likely than men to spend the money on family needs.

Creating Opportunity

Experience shows that successful development programs are local and led by women, the most powerful force in conquering extreme urban poverty.