WomenStrong International supports women-driven non-profit organizations around the world that address one or more of the following issues: Girls’ Education and Empowerment, Women’s Health, Violence Against Women and Girls, and Economic Security and Opportunity.

The Organizations We Support

WomenStrong supports organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Women hold the majority of key leadership positions within the organization;
  • The organization is led by nationals, based in the country of operation;
  • The organization operates in urban or peri-urban areas;
  • The organization is registered in its country of operation as a non-profit;
  • The organization has more than one donor;
  • The organization has a local governing body, representative of the communities and populations it serves;
  • The organization has a focus on empowering women and girls and advancing gender justice;
  • The organization is willing to share commonalities and to explore solutions and challenges through peer exchange;
  • The organization is willing to provide opportunities for its staff to learn and participate in WomenStrong’s Learning Lab and events;
  • The organization has an annual budget of less than US$1 million.

Types of Support

WomenStrong provides unrestricted grants. 

We have no geographic limitations to where we fund.

We are passionate about investing in organizations with an entrepreneurial spirit that need support to validate or advance their early-stage, non-traditional ideas for tackling the greatest challenges facing women and girls. We want to fund organizations where a small investment will have a large impact.

We ask that our grantee partners join the WomenStrong Learning Lab. The Learning Lab is a (mostly) virtual community that brings our partners together to share, learn, and disseminate findings that can advance the evidence base for what works, to improve the lives of women and girls. The Lab also provides opportunities for our partners to connect with each other, and with our Learning Lab Consultants, so that they might strengthen their work and develop, test, sharpen, and disseminate their solutions more broadly.

Our open call for applications for our Economic Security and Opportunity focus area has now closed.

We are not seeking new grantees partners working in the areas of girls’ education and empowermentwomen’s health, or violence against women and girls at this time.

About WomenStrong International

WomenStrong International finds, funds, strengthens, and shares women-driven solutions that will transform lives in urban communities. Our partners start by listening to women, who know best what they need in order to thrive. Then we bring these organizations together into a Learning Lab, to develop, test, sharpen, and disseminate their solutions. Through our collective learning and sharing, WomenStrong is building a global community of organizations better equipped to advance the rights and wellbeing of women and girls. Learn More