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  • Medium August 19, 2019

    Leave No Hate Behind

    In this poignant piece, Dr. Susan Blaustein explores the "epidemic of hate" in our country and its relationship to gun violence. Learn more about how we can rise as a nation against this epidemic. Here are Susan's recommended next steps:

  • Medium June 3, 2019

    Global Reproductive Justice in 2019: Our Very Survival Depends on It

    With America choking off access state by state to reproductive health care for millions of women, it’s hard to think beyond these infringements on our own rights to think about the state of reproductive justice in the rest of the world. Yet, globally, there’s much to celebrate. Read about it here!

  • Medium May 10, 2019

    This Mother’s Day, Reproductive Justice for All American Women

    This Mother’s Day, it’s time we own up: we do not have reproductive justice in America. Just in time to celebrate all moms, the Center for Disease Control has issued a new study confirming shocking racial disparities in maternal mortality in the United States, with African American women dying in childbirth at 3–4 times the rate of white women. In New York City, Washington, DC, New Jersey, and states resisting Medicaid expansion, the disparity is at least twice that.

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Provoking a Gender ‘Mindshift’ Among Peru’s Teachers

How do you ensure that Peru’s indigenous women and girls are equal recipients of – and partners in – Peru’s progress? Visionaria Network, one of WomenStrong International’s newest members, is placing its bet on education – not just for girls, not only for Quechua children, but for all secondary students nationwide. Learn more about Visionaria here!

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From organizing a "walking school bus" to supporting and embodying the body positivity movement, women are changing the world every day. Here is what we're reading:

To Eradicate Urban Poverty, Listen to Urban Women

Dr. Susan M. Blaustein

WomenStrong is expanding its network of organizations that listen to -- and help equip -- urban women to build healthy, thriving families and communities.

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From fighting for equal pay to singing a feminist anthem, women are changing the world every day. Here is what we are reading this month.

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