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Dhan Foundation EMPOWER:WomenStrong Madurai

Women's economic empowerment in India Working with under-resourced communities to improve the lives of India's poor

WomenStrong India

Dhan Foundation EMPOWER:WomenStrong Madurai





The Dhan Foundation is a veteran development organization based on the Gandhian principles of justice and satyagraha, or leadership. Dhan has been working with under-resourced communities both in the Madurai region and across India for 30 years, partnering with government, health systems, the private sector and other NGOs whenever doing so holds promise for improving the lives of India’s poor.

Our Work Together

Dhan and WomenStrong start with the belief that nearly anything can be accomplished with patience, strategic leadership and faith in women’s and men’s capacity for growth, learning and fulfillment. In the slums of Madurai, WomenStrong and Dhan offer anemia and cancer screenings, legal clinics and extensive leadership training. Work is conducted through women’s and girls’ Self-Help Groups, where savings programs serve as catalysts for women’s taking the lead in acquiring financial literacy, job skills and vital health information, mobilizing against domestic violence, and improving their housing and community infrastructure.

Progress on the Ground

Blog Posts from the front lines and useful tools for forging change.