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Women’s Health to Wealth

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Women's empowerment program in Ghana Advocating for women's health with Women's Health to Wealth in Ghana

WomenStrong Ghana

Women’s Health to Wealth





Women’s Health to Wealth (WHW) began as a tiny women’s clinic in the heart of a bustling market in downtown Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city. WHW believes health is a prerequisite for the sustainable creation of wealth and leverages the delivery of health services to engage women and girls in an array of programs that serve their needs as they strive to overcome extreme poverty.

Our Work Together

Through its partnership with WomenStrong, WHW has expanded its programs to reach hundreds more women and girls in Kumasi and its surrounding areas. Programs aimed at reducing maternal and newborn deaths, keeping girls in school, imparting critical information on reproductive and family health, and enhancing earnings through an innovative social capital credit exchange are implemented largely through girls’ and women’s savings clubs, which offer safe spaces for mutual support, learning and listening.

Progress on the Ground

Blog Posts from the front lines and useful tools for forging change.