We offer this select library of reports, curricula, and other resources to support learning and technical capacity-building in the four areas of focus for WomenStrong International’s Learning Lab: girls’ education and empowerment, women’s health, prevention of violence against women and girls, and economic opportunity. Our goal is to help move practical tools and resources into the hands of those who can best use them — bold, community-based organizations striving to advance progress and momentum for women and girls.

Please use the filters below to find the resources you need, either within one of our four areas of learning, by geography, or by specific topic (e.g., male engagement, delaying child marriage, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, etc.).

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    • Video Presentation

    Gender 101 Webinar: 5 Things You Need To Know About Gender

    How do gender norms – society’s expectations about how men and women and boys and girls should look and behave – affect educational outcomes for girls? What does this mean for program design and evaluation? And what is gender, anyway?… Read More

    Source: WomenStrong International

    • Handbook

    Strong Girls Make Strong Women- Girls’ Club Handbook

    Our Handbook was developed in partnership with WomenStrong founding members in Ghana, Kenya, India, and Haiti, based on their experiences running Girls’ Clubs for over 10,000 girls and boys. It incorporates best practices promoted by renowned youth development and life… Read More

    Source: WomenStrong International

    • Program Brief

    Positive Youth Development in Mali: Better Educated, Economica…

    This is a project summary report of PAJE-Nièta – a program to empower 10,000 rural, out-of-school Malian youth, both males and females, to actively improve their lives. Participants were between the ages of 14 and 25 years and had never… Read More

    Source: USAID and EDC

    • Articles & Reports

    Adolescent Girls’ Exerpeinces of Violence in School in S…

    This article explores what is working to reduce gender-based violence in junior secondary schools in Sierra Leone, focusing in particular on Plan UK’s Building Skills for Life project. The project focuses on supporting the empowerment of adolescent girls through a… Read More

    Source: Anita Reilly

    • Report

    Mindanao Youth for Development (MYDEV) Program FY15 Impact Eva…

    This report presents the results of an impact study conducted to better understand the contributions of the Mindanao Youth Development (MYDev) project toward improving skills and outcomes for out-of-school youth in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. MYDev provides experiential… Read More

    Source: USAID and EDC

    • Case Study

    Developmental Assets and Academic Performance of Adolescents i…

    This study examines the association between developmental assets—positive qualities and experiences that influence young people’s development—and academic performance in Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. The results indicate that adolescents with good academic performance reported more developmental assets that help young… Read More

    Source: Byron Gregory Adams, Nora Wiium, and Amina Abubakar

    • Report

    Self-Determination, Engagement, and Young Energy in a Fragile …

    This report presents key findings and lessons learned from the Garissa Youth and Yes Youth Can! North Eastern Region projects. These youth livelihood projects in the North Eastern Province of Kenya engaged youth in career development, livelihoods, and civic participation… Read More

    Source: USAID and EDC

    • Report

    GREAT Project Endline Report

    The Gender Roles, Equality, and Transformations (GREAT) Project aims to develop and test a package of evidence-based, scalable, life-stage-tailored interventions to transform gender norms, reduce gender-based violence, and promote gender-equitable attitudes and sexual and reproductive health among adolescents ages 10-19… Read More

    Source: USAID and GREAT

    • Articles & Reports

    Key Soft Skills For Cross-Sectoral Youth Outcomes

    This paper identifies which soft skills are most effective for predicting positive outcomes for youth across the three fields of workforce development, violence prevention, and sexual and reproductive health. It recommends skills to cultivate as part of youth development programming. Read More

    Source: USAID, PEPFAR, and Youthpower