In Their Own Voices

  • Countdown to Our First WomenStrong Learning Lab Retreat!

    Our WomenStrong retreat allows Learning Lab members to share lessons learned, plan future collaboration, and sharpen skills in areas including monitoring and evaluation, fundraising, and communications.

    Webinar: 5 Things You Need To Know About Gender

    How do gender norms affect educational outcomes for girls - and what does this mean for programs? Watch our 30-minute webinar and read 5 takeaways from the presentation and conversation with WomenStrong's new Learning Lab members.

    Provoking a Gender ‘Mindshift’ Among Peru’s Teachers

    How do you ensure that Peru’s indigenous women and girls are equal recipients of – and partners in – Peru’s progress? Visionaria Network, one of WomenStrong International’s newest members, is placing its bet on education – not just for girls, not only for Quechua children, but for all secondary students nationwide. Learn more about Visionaria here!

    What We're Reading

    From organizing a "walking school bus" to supporting and embodying the body positivity movement, women are changing the world every day. Here is what we're reading:

  • To Eradicate Urban Poverty, Listen to Urban Women

    WomenStrong is expanding its network of organizations that listen to -- and help equip -- urban women to build healthy, thriving families and communities.

    What We Are Reading in June 2019

    From fighting for equal pay to singing a feminist anthem, women are changing the world every day. Here is what we are reading this month.

  • Our WomenStrong International Learning Lab Takes Flight!

    We are broadening our WomenStrong learning community to be truly global, enabling many more organizations and individuals to share and learn what works to help empower girls and women with sister organizations worldwide. We are eager to find, fund, nurture, and share effective, women-driven solutions to extreme urban poverty across the globe. Learn more here!

  • Ending Stigma around Menstruation to Keep Girls in School

    Menstrual stigma – coupled with harmful cultural practices, poor sanitation, and a lack of menstrual supplies – causes African girls to miss as much as 20 percent of school. But Ms. Abenaa Akuamoa-Boateng of WomenStrong founding member Women’s Health to Wealth is working to change that in Ghana’s Ashanti region.

    What We Are Reading in May 2019

    From debunking gender stereotypes to fighting abortion restrictions, women are changing the world every day. Here is what we are reading this month.

  • How Can Women Save the World?

    “How do you believe that women can save the world?” We reflect on that question posed by Women’s eNews at their May 6 event, 21 Leaders for the 21st Century, recognizing champions for women’s rights.