In Their Own Voices

    What We Are Reading in June 2019

    From fighting for equal pay to singing a feminist anthem, women are changing the world every day. Here is what we are reading this month.

  • Our WomenStrong International Learning Lab Takes Flight!

    We are broadening our WomenStrong learning community to be truly global, enabling many more organizations and individuals to share and learn what works to help empower girls and women with sister organizations worldwide. We are eager to find, fund, nurture, and share effective, women-driven solutions to extreme urban poverty across the globe. Learn more here!

    Ending Stigma around Menstruation to Keep Girls in School

    Menstrual stigma – coupled with harmful cultural practices, poor sanitation, and a lack of menstrual supplies – causes African girls to miss as much as 20 percent of school. But Ms. Abenaa Akuamoa-Boateng of WomenStrong founding member Women’s Health to Wealth is working to change that in Ghana’s Ashanti region.

    What We Are Reading in May 2019

    From debunking gender stereotypes to fighting abortion restrictions, women are changing the world every day. Here is what we are reading this month.

    How Can Women Save the World?

    “How do you believe that women can save the world?” We reflect on that question posed by Women’s eNews at their May 6 event, 21 Leaders for the 21st Century, recognizing champions for women’s rights.

    The Power of Groups to Help Strong Girls Grow into Strong Women

    Strong girls make strong women, and strong women have a greater chance at living healthy, empowered lives, full of opportunity for themselves and their families. “We know that when girls rise, we all rise,” said Kirsten McCullers of the Girl Up campaign. But what makes strong girls?

    What We Are Reading in April 2019

    From leading a revolution against a dictator to eliminating a tampon tax, women are changing the world every day. Here is what we are reading this month at WomenStrong.

  • WomenStrong at the UN: Climate Change’s Cascading Burdens on Women and Girls

    What happens when the rains don’t stop? Or never come? And how does that affect women and girls? This is one of the topics addressed by Dr. Susan M. Blaustein before hundreds of educators, UN leaders, and climate change activists meeting with the Committee on Teaching about the UN (CTAUN) at its annual conference in New York.

  • To Achieve Housing Justice, Start by Listening to Women.

    The right to safe and adequate housing is an internationally recognized human right that is neither honored nor enforced for hundreds of millions of women and families worldwide. This global failure to provide decent housing for all disproportionately burdens women, who know best what they need in order to thrive, yet are rarely consulted by policymakers when decisions about their shelter are made.

    What We Are Reading in March 2019

    From Lebanese fighter pilots to gender-inclusive athletic gear, girls and women and breaking barriers this International Women's month in all sorts of ways. Here is What We are Reading at WomenStrong.