In Their Own Voices

  • Evaluation as a Tool for Learning: Harnessing Measurement for Change

    This year, the American Evaluation Association (AEA) conference theme was, “Speaking Truth to Power.” After 15 years conducting research and evaluating programs, I’m always thrilled to be able to talk through methods, the latest ways of sharing data, and systems, with like-minded people. However, this conference theme is especially relevant to the work I do as the Senior Advisor for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning at WomenStrong International.

  • Opportunity Collaboration 2018: A Summit Meeting…with sand.

    The Opportunity Collaboration meeting, which brings together over 400 people to focus on solutions to global poverty and injustice, is like no other global convening—partly because o all the sand. I arrived in Cancun full of questions. “Who would I meet? Why were we convening in Club Med in Mexico, of all places? Why did this meeting take up an entire week?”

    Global Women’s News: What We’re Reading in October

    October brought the uplifting news of several countries’ major commitments to further financing the education of women and girls. Here in the United States, the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanagh to the U.S. Supreme Court had us thinking about the linkages between the #MeToo movement and the importance of standing up for human rights worldwide. We’re sharing a roundup of articles on both these topics, with hopes that the momentum behind girls’ education and reducing gender-based violence will continue to grow.

  • #MeToo, #UsToo: Who Will Protect Our Human Rights, if America goes MIA?

    Discussions of the charges of sexual assault and abuse leveled against then-U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh almost invariably include some mention of our now being in "this #MeToo moment" and how, going forward, we must respect and respond to victims of violence, who need to know that their claims will be thoroughly heard, investigated, and handled by the relevant authorities.

  • Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Safe Spaces

    Two weeks ago, WomenStrong International had the honor of presenting at this year’s Global Youth Economic Opportunity Summit (GYEO). GYEO is a gathering of leading organizations and global experts on the social and economic wellbeing of young people, hosted by the financial empowerment organization Making Cents International.

  • Keeping Girls in School: It Ain’t So Simple.

    Simple causes like teen pregnancy have been ascribed to keeping girls in schools, but it's actually a late-stage manifestation of the convergence of far greater forces: climate change, deforestation, massive demographic pressure, and rampant real estate development.

    Global Women's News: What We're Reading in September

    At WomenStrong, we believe that we have an extraordinary opportunity to help girls stay in school, thereby improving their lives and the lives of their families. In light of “back to school” season and our mission to empower and educate girls, we’re sharing a round-up of stories and reports that showcase how education can shape the future of women and girls.

  • Poverty Everywhere, Poverty Here

    If you think it’s hard to get out of poverty as a woman in urban Kenya or India, just try doing so in cities in the United States.

  • America Amps Up Its War on Poor Women

    More aggressively than any U.S. government in living memory, America’s current leaders in the White House and Congress have waged a shockingly fierce, multi-front assault on the poor, particularly, against poor women.

    Global Women's News: What We're Reading in August

    At WomenStrong, we try to keep up with stories about the challenges and triumphs of women and girls worldwide. Here are a few that caught our eye during the month of August that we hope will inspire and motivate you, as they have us.