Girls today are part of the largest girl generation in history. Globally, more than 1.8 billion people are between the ages of 10 and 24, and more than 90% of these young people live in developing countries. The message is clear: If we can make sure girls are healthy, safe, educated and respected, we have an extraordinary opportunity to end poverty. Canada’s First Lady Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, a champion for the rights of girls, summed it up:
> “The strength of any society depends on the full participation of all its citizens – and that includes women and girls. Good things happen, and societies progress, when women and girls stand together – elevated and decisive and powerful.”

We can recognize the challenges they face and demand every girl’s right to a better, more productive and fulfilling life, free from political, economic, social, religious or cultural barriers.

WomenStrong Girls’ Day Celebrations:

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These are the ways WomenStrong Consortium members are celebrating Girls’ Day. Check back over the days to come, for [stories about these events].

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of other ways that you can celebrate! Here are a few we’ve gathered to help you begin.

Join us in standing with girls!

Other Girls’ Day Celebrations:

Events & Campaigns Taking Place Online & Everywhere

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Events Taking Place in the USA

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Events Taking Place in the UK

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Events Taking Place in Ireland

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Events Taking Place in Switzerland

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Events Taking Place in Canada

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Events Taking Place in Nigeria

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Events Taking Place in South Africa

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Events Taking Place in Afghanistan

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