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Reflections on Our Body Mapping Workshop

WomenStrong-DC participants in the recent Body Mapping Workshop shared the following reflections upon completion of the class (with many thanks to artists Sabreena Jeru-Ahmed and Lana Wong, for leading the class with such grace and expertise, and for collecting these comments):

“Being able to share the time with my daughter Orly and have her be around a sisterhood is important. It is important to do things where you can stay connected with your children and to show her that sisterhood is important at an early age. It was nice to express myself with art. I like the creativity, bouncing ideas off of each other. I liked that it was encouraging. We could talk, eat and blend with each other. I wish it was longer.”

“Loved it. Gave me time to vent about people and life… Wish it was longer.”

[[callout “It gave me inner peace to put my thoughts and feelings on canvas. It was something new mentally. I really enjoyed the silent expression. The workshop was well executed always. I wish it was longer and we had more time.”]]

“It was nice to have something on Saturday. It was nice to be around others. I felt comfortable and happy. I enjoyed being around the ladies. It gave me more peace at home, in society, on the bus…”

“I got a lot out of it. I liked sharing and talking about issues. I wish it was longer.”

“It was nice to be out of the house on the weekend. Not being bored, miserable, stressed out. It was nice to have issues pulled out slowly.”

[[callout “I liked/loved everything! I feel it in my bones that I accomplished something. I feel blessed!”]]

“Ms. Alice Phyllis Williams, WomanStrong DC participant, with her Body Map.”

“I was grateful to reconnect with art like when I was young and life did not start yet. I attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts. It gave me the chance to give a voice to things. I could release my stresses and hopes. What you show the world is invaluable. I wish the workshop was longer!”

“Young people and teenagers (and little ones, too) are not heard. They don’t get to share what is going on in their minds. I think we need a Teen Class, like ‘Intro to Body Mapping,’ or something. They need to express themselves more positively. They need mentors and connections with others. ”

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