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Statement: WomenStrong Stands with Women and Girls in Afghanistan

Statement: WomenStrong Stands with Women and Girls in Afghanistan

We are devastated by what’s happening in Afghanistan. 

As an organization that believes in investing in the power and potential of all women and girls, WomenStrong International stands with the girls and women of Afghanistan and their right to live lives free from violence and in dignity and peace, so that they can achieve their fullest potential.

Our first thoughts are for the safety of women and their families, especially those who have devoted their lives to supporting women and girls.

WomenStrong’s partner in Afghanistan, Sahar Education, has educated more than 250,000 girls over the past 20 years. Sahar has shared with us that, “Even in difficult times, the power that comes from educating a girl is not erased. They will have daughters and sons who will hear their lessons and learn from their experiences.”

Sahar also urges all of us to keep raising our voices in support of the women and girls of Afghanistan, and WomenStrong pledges to do so. We remain firmly committed to all Afghan women and girls, and to Sahar Education and its admirable work.

And as a grantmaker located in the United States, we urge our government to do more to ensure the safety of women and girls and all of civil society. In particular, we urge the U.S. Department of State to expand the Special Immigrant Visa program and U.S. Refugee Admissions Program to enable NGO workers and supporters who may be trapped in Afghanistan to apply for and secure visas and to exit the country in a safe and timely manner. 

For more about how to help women and girls in Afghanistan, please read the statement Sahar has released on its website:

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