Economic Opportunity

When women have decision-making power over their finances, children are better educated, families and communities are healthier, and nations thrive.

Global research demonstrates that women’s economic empowerment not only improves their lives and the lives of their children, but contributes to their countries’ productivity. Yet women are consistently less likely to be employed than men; are paid less than men, if they do work; and are largely uncompensated for the care work they perform. They are also less likely than men to have decision-making power over household finances and to have access to formal saving, banking, and lending mechanisms.

WomenStrong International will launch Learning Lab activities focused on Economic Opportunity in Summer 2020. We will work with organizations around the world to help women identify and seize opportunities that can help them move toward financial stability and independence.

We understand that these initial opportunities can take many forms, depending on the resources available to women, the overall economy, and local markets.

WomenStrong looks forward to sharing broadly the knowledge and experience of organizations around the world that are identifying, forging, and blazing measurably effective pathways toward financial sustainability and economic justice.

Field Resources for Economic Opportunity