Women's Health

Despite the huge strides made globally in improving women’s health, tremendous challenges remain.

Every two minutes, a woman dies of pregnancy or childbirth-related complications somewhere in the world. A crippling impediment to meeting the health needs of urban women and girls is access to quality, affordable care. Health workforce training is key to quality care, and to building women’s and girls’ confidence to seek out and make sure that they are receiving that quality care.

Members in our Women’s Health Learning Lab, to begin in early 2020, will include community organizations that strive daily to improve access to quality care for urban women and girls and to educate girls and women and their families and communities about the care they need and deserve.

These organizations will come together, both in person and online, to share what they do, what they learn, and what might be readily adapted from setting to setting to improve the health and the lives of girls and women in impoverished urban settings worldwide.

In 2020, WomenStrong will also publish our Mobile Women’s Health Clinics Manual, based on best practices and the specific invaluable practice and experience of our founding member organizations.

Please revisit this page in the coming months for more detail about our new Women’s Health Learning Lab members and activities.

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