Women's Health

Despite the huge strides made globally in improving women’s health, tremendous challenges remain.

Every two minutes, a woman dies of pregnancy or childbirth-related complications somewhere in the world. A daunting impediment to meeting the health needs of urban women and girls is access to quality, affordable care. Health workforce training is key, both to quality care and to building women’s and girls’ confidence that they are indeed receiving that level of care.

WomenStrong’s Women’s Health Learning Lab partners are women-led, community-based organizations that strive daily to improve access to quality health care for urban women and girls and to educate girls, women, their families, and communities about the care they need and deserve.

From providing adolescents with access to contraception, to training midwives, to ensuring safe childbirth for victims of sexual violence, our partner organizations operate in settings ranging from the Philippines to Madagascar to Mali to Mexico to Michigan. When COVID-19 struck their communities, they quickly transformed themselves into humanitarian service providers, ensuring that the girls and women in their communities were equipped with accurate public health information, personal protective equipment, sanitizing and menstrual hygiene products, and information regarding emergency hotlines and facilities, to help them keep safe. 

Throughout the pandemic, Women’s Health partners have come together in our virtual Learning Lab, to share what they’ve learned, what they do, and those practices that might be successfully adapted from setting to setting, to protect and improve the health of girls and women in urban communities worldwide.

Resources for Women's Health