Women's Health

Huge strides have been made globally in improving women’s health. This progress, in turn, has improved women’s lives and the lives of their families, where women are the primary caretakers. Yet tremendous challenges remain. For example, every two minutes a woman dies of pregnancy or childbirth-related complications somewhere in the world. One of the major challenges in meeting women’s health needs is access to care – building women’s confidence in seeking the care they need, and assuring that quality care is affordable and readily available.


WomenStrong members strive daily to improve women’s access to health care. Some provide mobile health clinic screenings for anemia, prenatal care, and non-communicable diseases, including such chronic diseases as diabetes, hypertension, and breast and cervical cancers. Through our Women’s Health Learning Lab activities, we will share knowledge of how best to improve women’s access to quality health services, expand women’s knowledge about their and their families’ health needs, and deliver quality last-mile health care to women and girls in impoverished urban settings.

We look forward to launching our Women’s Health Lab activities in Winter 2020, together with the publication of WomenStrong’s Mobile Women’s Health Clinics Manual. Please revisit this page for more information over the months to come.