Statement on Equity

Equity Amongst WomenStrong and Our Partners

At WomenStrong International, we view equity as a steadfast commitment to fairness, justice, and inclusivity. We actively acknowledge and address historical disparities, systemic barriers, and power imbalances. 

Our goal is to ensure that all our grantee partners have equitable access to information, resources, opportunities, and decision-making processes related to their engagement with WomenStrong activities. This commitment involves fostering authentic relationships where mutual respect, trust, and cultural context are valued and amplified. Equity for us means actively ceding power to our grantee partners, valuing their expertise, and centering their voices and solutions in all our endeavors. We recognize our own limitations as an institution and strive to be as transparent as possible with our partners, to ensure alignment in expectations. Together, we create a safe and brave space where our staff and partners feel welcome to engage, lead, and thrive.

About WomenStrong International

WomenStrong International provides trust-based funding, capacity strengthening, and a peer learning community to grantee partners addressing some of the most critical needs of women and girls: keeping girls in school, accessing lifesaving reproductive health care, preventing gender-based violence, and creating pathways to economic security. Learn More